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Researchers at the University of Oklahoma

People who are currently working at OU, EOMF


Xiangming Xiao
(405) 325-8941

Research Scientists

Post-doctoral Researchers

Rajen Bajgain
PostDoc Research Associate
540- 449 – 6805
PostDoc Research Associate
Zheng Shi
PostDoc Research Associate
(405) 325-1089
Jie Wang
PostDoc Research Associate

Graduate Students

Ling Du
Ph.D. Student
(405) 437-6620
Zhenhua Zou
Ph.D. Student

Undergraduate Students

Brian Alikhani
Nicholas Cejda

Visiting Scholars

Fang Liu
Post-doctoral Associate
Quanfu Niu
Associate Professor

Alumni-Research Scientists

Geli Zhang
Research Scientist
(405) 325-6091

Alumni-Post-doctoral Researchers

Julien Cappelle
PostDoc Research Associate
Youmin Chen
PostDoc Research Associate

Alumni-Graduate Students

Alumni-Visiting Scholars

Yaoping Cui
Associate Professor

Information Technology Support Group

The following OU IT members provide information technology support and service to the EOMF. Please contact them at if you have any questions and need any help related to the computing facilities available at the EOMF( and OSCER( (including Oklahoma PetaStore and supercomputers).

Sean P. Calhoun
Research Campus Tech. Developer
(405) 325-4210
Jonah Duckles
Research Informatics
(405) 325-8143
Brandon George
Director of Research Computing Services
(405) 325-5113
Fred L. Keller
Director of Data Center Operations
(405) 325-6880
Mark McAvoy
Info Tech Specialist
(405) 325-4409
James Summers
Info Tech Specialist
(405) 325-4342